Sure & Firm Foundations

Sure and Firm Foundations are a non-profit making Limited By Guarantee company registered with the Charity Commission.

Sure and Firm Foundations comprises of two Directors and six members. (The Directors and members are varying professionals from the local community).  The vision of this group was to start a business venture that would not be a ‘money making scheme’ but a business enterprise that gives back to the local community, particularly during this economic climate where the Government are making many cut backs and decreasing their funding for services that are crucial to the needs of the children, youth and the elderly.

With this is mind, in 2010, Sure & Firm Foundations established their first Nursery which operates in the New Life Assembly Church Hall.  My Favourite Nursery is owned solely by Sure & Firm Foundations, but lease use of the Church Hall from New Life Assembly.  Sure & Firm Foundations have a good working relationship with New Life Assembly and have been pleased with the support the church has offered; inclusive of giving Sure & Firm Foundations the first twelve months of opening a rent free status.  In the New Life Assembly Church supporting us in this way, they have also demonstrated their desire to give back to the community.

Some may wonder why the name “Sure & Firm Foundations”…  Well, this name was chosen to positively reflect the nature of what this business is to be to the local community: strong and reliable.  When thinking in terms of construction, the first and most important aspect of erecting any building is laying the foundation – without a sure and firm foundation whatever you attempt to build will ultimately crumble.

In the near future, Sure & Firm Foundations hope to do much more within and for the community – the company vision and ethos will always remain to “give back”.