My Favourite Nursery Testimonials

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  1. Our son has been attending MFN since January and he is SO happy there. The team are amazing, we get helpful feedback each day and the team have helped him to reach some of his milestones. Can not recommend the nursery and its friendly, competent, caring team highly enough.

  2. MFN has been a fantastic nursery for our two young boys, they’ve loved every single minute of their time at MFN and have made great friends along the way. We really couldn’t be happier with the care and attention they’re received from the extremely friendly staff. We will be incredibly sad to see our youngest leave next year as it’s really felt like a second home for so many years.

  3. We’ve had two children at MFN, with my youngest now about to head off to school in September.

    We feel very lucky to have found MFN, the staff are kind, caring and supportive of the children. They create a lovely homely environment full of fun and laughter. Both of my children have absolutely thrived at MFN, they’ve always felt comfortable and safe with the staff, and as a Parent I could honestly not ask for more.

    We have really enjoyed being part of the MFN family and they have played such a special role in our children’s lives setting them up perfectly for the next step to school.

  4. We’ve had two children at MFN – the second is about to start school this September so it is with real sadness that we’ll be saying goodbye to MFN. It has truly been a fantastic nursery – so loving and welcoming to both children and parents. The staff are so supportive and both my children have loved being there and making their first steps into independence. There is a real balance between learning and play – and encouraging the children to grow both socially and academically as well as teaching them core life skills. We would highly recommend it to anyone. We’ll miss you MFN!

  5. My son has been at MFN for 3 years, and in his words the staff are “kind”, “funny” and “gentle” – I think any parent would be delighted to hear their child describe their nursery team like that.

    Most of the staff have been at MFN for a number of years, and that continuity is very rare these days.

    The staff have been so engaging, friendly and caring from day 1 – I feel very lucky that my son had such a positive experience at MFN. My daughter starts this Autumn and I’m excited for her to have a similar experience.

  6. Many thanks from the heart for all your hard work, love, dedication, patience to the children, and for keeping personal belongings in order (toys, clothes), helping with potty training, caring when they were not feeling well, making everyday a fun environment to go to which was also very important.

    MFN and all the lovely staff were part of our daughter’s development and 1st stages in life and helped preparing her for school through creative and educational activities.
    One of the most impressive achievements was teaching her to write her name, work that was praised when she arrived at school. They also learnt the months of the year, the days of the week, the numbers, etc, through play and songs that were easy to memorise. This all meant that the transition from nursery to Reception was very smooth.

    A big thank you to all the team, we will never forget you.

  7. My son has been attending My Favourite Nursery (“MFN”) for over a year now and he is so happy there – it feels like a second home to him. All of the staff are so nurturing and supportive and they provide him with so much care, attention and positivity. I have always found the key workers to be very communicative and the admin team are so efficient.

    I would highly recommend MFN to anyone looking for a nursery in the area and I feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful and happy environment for my son.

  8. My Son has been at MFN for 2 years and he loves going in every morning. The staff are very friendly and have great rapport with the children.
    We have been given great feedback regarding eating habits, toilet training and playtime what he finds interesting etc.

    I would definitely recommend MFN to anyone considering a Nursery in the area.

  9. My daughter has been attending My Favourite Nursery (“MFN”) for just over a year now. She absolutely loves it and runs in everyday. The nursery has a lovely, warm and inviting culture, which was something really important to us when choosing a nursery.

    Everyday there is a new activity or experience planned and she seems to be really thriving from the variety. Our regular catch-ups with her key worker are informing and reassuring. The general communications from the team at MFN are also exemplary.

    We feel so lucky to have been able to secure a place and are so grateful to the team at MFN!

  10. I’ve visited many nurseries, some very fancy ones. A friend recommended MFN, so I arranged a visit. Staff and children were so happy, I hadn’t felt that welcoming and warm feeling in any other nursery.
    The settling in was quick and the staff made it feel stress free. My son has now moved to the toddlers room and again, they all made him feel so loved! Daily feedback is great, they really care about children’s learning and development and ensure parents are involved too!
    Admin team efficient and kind.
    As first time parents we feel so lucky to leave our precious son in such capable and warm hands!

  11. MFN was amazing! I was struggling to find a nursery space for my 1.5 yr daughter and was so happy and lucky that I found a space for her at MFN. What a special place to be. All of the staff were wonderful, caring and so supportive. Any accounting questions I had they always got right back to me, so easy to work with in all areas. We will really miss all of them!

  12. Dear MFN, please find below our testimonial:

    Our daughter started in the baby room at 11 months and has been at MFN until she finished the pre-school room at age 4. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time at MFN and she built very strong relationships with the staff and her peers. We have been very happy with the key workers who have taken care of her in every room she has been in. They are incredibly warm and loving towards her and have a great deal of patience when providing feedback and respond well to requests.

    Initially we had some concerns about our daughter’s eating habits, the nursery staff were very accommodating and helped explain how the food is made and the size of portions. They have helped us in encouraging her to eat better.

    The admin team are incredibly efficient and always get back to us in a very timely manner on all enquiries including urgent requests for last minute care.

    One small criticism we have is that when our daughter attended the last room, we hoped the nursery would take the children out on local trips to the park, library or Horniman museum more frequently and throughout the year. However, we were pleased that the staff took the initiative to encourage parents to come and share their work or language experiences with the children.

    Overall, we have been very happy with the nursery team and we will be sending our 9 month old son to join MFN shortly.

    Best wishes

    S and F

  13. MFN are amazing- I can’t recommend them enough. From day 1 they have made us feel very welcome and my little boy settled into nursery so quickly with a smile at the end of most days which was absolutely down to the care, attention and focus on him. Every morning and evening you are greeted with smiling faces and they really do seem to love their jobs. MFN is a very special place.

  14. Dear MFN
    Here is my feedback:

    My Favourite Nursery really is my FAVOURITE nursery.

    Both my children came here and found it to be a very happy place.

    There is a very happy atmosphere: all the staff are caring, nurturing and jolly.

    We will look back on our children’s time at MFN with fond memories.

    Thank you

  15. Our son has been attending My Favourite Nursery for the past four years, but as part of the graduating class time has now come for new challenges. We initially selected MFN since all the children genuinely seemed happy and calm; and the staff seemed caring and attentive. We are pleased to say that our first impressions not only have been confirmed by the test of time, in fact MFN has exceed our expectations. It is a nursery run with a lot of passion and heart where everybody is thriving.

    Our son has always been happy when arriving at the nursery in the morning and when picked up in the afternoon (albeit more tired from all the activities). He has learned a lot, developed many friendships and has developed from a baby to a young polite and confident boy. We have always been completely comfortable leaving him in the morning making our daily routine less stressful.

    In summary, we are pleased to highly recommend MFN and believe it has provided the perfect foundation for him to continue his journey in life.

  16. MFN is truly a wonderful environment for children to learn and be nurtured. The nursery staff have been like a second family to my three girls, all of whom started at MFN when they were 9 months. One of the things that we have valued tremendously is the fact the majority of nursery staff have been a part of MFN since my eldest started in 2014 and are here now in 2019. My youngest has had the same key worker as her big sisters which is fantastic.

    The key worked system works very well and I have always felt well informed of my child’s development, any challenges and well supported should there be something to work through that we’ve noticed at home.

    The care, love and encouragement the children receive to explore and develop at the nursery is fantastic- the range of activities the children are involved in from a very early age (potato printing, sand and art work in the baby room through to detailed collage projects in the pre school range) is excellent.

    Similarly, the chef cooks very tasty, healthy and interesting meals which has definitely helped my kids like a wide range of foods.

    Something else I’ve also appreciated is that the nursery sends phonics and other reading books home for one of my daughters who will be starting school next year. She’s really enjoyed trying to practice some phonics (all very light touch) which I know will be very helpful when she does start school.

    My husband and I feel incredibly lucky to have found MFN. It’s a superb, warm and nurturing environment where our three girls have flourished. We are hugely grateful for the support, care and effort all the nursery staff, chef, caretaker and management go to in order to ensure our children have a wonderful nursery experience.

  17. We placed Z in MFN a couple years ago after he had been attending another local nursery which his older brother also attended.

    The uplift in his happiness was apparent pretty much immediately. He started telling his mum and I how much he enjoyed nursery, something he had never said previously.

    Z has made many good friends and when taking and collecting him, all the children in his class seem very happy. His friendship with the other Z has been particularly sweet.

    With regards to the staff, Pam and Gwen have been most involved with Z, both have been great to deal with and Z clearly likes both. However all the other staff are also super friendly and I love the way they also strike up conversations with his older brother, even when he doesn’t want to reciprocate.

    One word of advice I would suggest (which is by the by now as Z is leaving), would be to stop referring to my ex-wife as Julie. Although I find it entertaining, paying the attention to detail of parent’s names should really be a given.

    All in all, great work and thanks!


  18. My daughter has been going to MFN since she was 6 months old and has honestly loved every single day of the last 3 years. Every single member of staff from the management and admin team to the caretaker knows every child by name and genuinely cares for all the children. Arriving every morning to such a welcoming and homely place has made every drop off and day at work a lot easier and stress-free knowing she was happy and well looked after and seeing her development and interaction with her peers is wonderful. Now my 9 month old has started and I am delighted with how well run the nursery still is – the team is like an efficient machine caring for all the children, tending to all their needs and always with smiles on their faces. My 9 month old even has the same key workers as my daughter had which shows the exceptionally low staff turnover which is another massive benefit and credit to the nursery. The admin team is also unbelievable friendly, efficient and competent – a complaint I’ve often heard other parents at other nurseries complain about. The rooms and space is great – large and packed full of wonderful things for the children to explore, whatever their age/stage and with park visits, muddy puddle walks, sports day etc thrown in to the mix, there’s never a dull moment!

  19. Both of my children have attended MFN and have been so happy. Whenever we walk past my daughter says without fail ‘I love nursery’. The staff are amazing, friendly, helpful, extremely caring with the children, the admin is great, so efficient. We couldn’t ask for a better nursery. I am feeling so sad about leaving in the coming weeks but school is calling. The WACS that they offer has also been an excellent service – when my son was in Reception it was a relief knowing he was to spend time after school at MFN – which is simply a home away from home.
    Thank you to everyone at MFN for all that you do. We are all going to miss you a lot.

  20. My 3.5 and 1.5 year old have both been at this nursery since 9 months of age and they couldn’t be happier. The staff are amazing and they are what makes this nursery stand out from others. They all genuinely care and the fact that there is a low turnover is great as the children form strong, long lasting bonds especially with their key workers. The administration team is also outstanding – super efficient and always happy to help.
    We are relocating soon and we will be very sad to be leaving, but we will do so with lovely memories.

  21. My son was at My Favourite Nursery for a year before starting school and my daughter started a couple of months ago, aged 2.
    The staff are so friendly and warm and the children seem very happy there. The Admin team are extremely supportive.
    The holistic care is fantastic and key workers work with you to ensure your children are content and developing well. I would recommend this nursery without reservation.

  22. Our twin boys have been at MFN since they were 13 months, they started part time and are now full time at 19 months. They have loved it from the beginning and we have been so happy with our choice of nursery. The staff are so engaged and caring with the children, there is a lovely community feel between the different rooms, and the atmosphere is happy and kind. Both boys absolutely love going each day and reach out for cuddles with their favourite staff members as soon as they arrive. The updates at the end of the day make it clear that the staff really take time to get to know the children and understand their characters. We feel very lucky that we’ve found such a great nursery that suits us and the boys so well.

  23. My daughter and son go to My Favourite Nursery and I feel so fortunate to have found it…
    Erin started when she was just 3 and Ellis at 1. I found it so hard to find a nursery that met the needs of both their age groups. They both settled easily and LOVE the nursery.
    The carers are beyond fantastic – genuinely loving, its so good to know your children are in the best hands while you are at work. They are always doing fun activities and kept really busy. Their routines are well respected, communication and feedback is great. The food is amazing (I am jealous of the menu)
    Both my children are happy and confident – and I have no doubt this is in part due to MFN and the supportive environment they provide with key carers and consistent care givers. My son’s key worker sings to him through the entrance buzzer in the morning and he gets so excited to be arriving! They take time to learn the quirks, likes and concerns of each child.
    My husband and I couldn’t be happier, and would be quick to recommend MFN to anyone looking for a caring, supportive, educational environment for their children.

  24. My Son has been at the nursery for 4 years from being an 11 months old baby and is now off to school, we were so sad to say goodbye!

    I remember being so apprehensive about leaving him when I first went back to work but the team there made this transition as easy and painless as possible.

    The wonderful staff have supported him through many stages of development In a lovely nurturing environment. Through potty training, feeding himself, learning to talk and now to read and write they have always been incredibly caring and encouraging.

    He has always been so happy and excited about going to the nursery which speaks volumes about the atmosphere that the team have created for the children.

    I would throughly recommend MFN , with staff who really go the extra mile and genuinely care for the children’s best interests.

  25. My son is leaving nursery in September and has had such a wonderful time at MFN. It is such a lovely and caring environment which has prepared him so well. We struggled with potty training but his key worker and the team persevered. His little sister is still in little explorers and has developed so much in her time there. She is a very independent little lady but secretly loves all the attention she gets from the team. A huge thank you to the wonderful team who have loved and cared for our children and put our minds at ease. I can highly recommend MFN.

  26. Our son has been at My Favourite Nursery for 7 months now and has recently moved up from the baby room to the Little Explorers. It’s a credit to the nursery that there have been no issues around the transition at all and he’s just happily made the move.

    I love that the two younger classes share the same space for the first couple of hours of the day over breakfast as they seem to integrate really nicely and can still have contact with the key workers from the baby room.

    Noah had two great key workers in the baby room, and I was completely put at ease right from the start by them and his interaction with them. He reaches out for a cuddle when we arrive every day, especially to Rodney! It made returning to work and all of my concerns about leaving him so much easier.

    You’ll see the same faces every day – I don’t think any staff have come or gone since we started, which says a lot, and I think most of the staff have been there since the nursery opened.

    It’s a warm and loving environment and I think that’s reflected in the way that the kids interact with each other and the staff. I highly recommend it!

  27. This has been our nursery since July 2013. We have a child in the pre- school room now who started in the toddler room and a child in the baby room who is just about to move to the toddler room.
    Our kids are so happy there. It’s the staff who make a nursery and the MFN staff are all amazing. They are full of smiles at 8am. They have always taken the time to give parents handovers in the evening, I found this especially good in the baby room when you want to make sure you little one is getting on ok each day. The baby room has an amazing leader. She has just been brilliant!! You don’t just get to know your child’s key worker, you know the manager, the chef, the maintenance worker, the admin staff, everyone. It’s very hands on and very friendly.
    There are staff who manage all the nursery admin and they have always been wonderful answering our questions and passing on information. Someone always answers the phone or your email. No question goes unanswered. This has really been great as its so helpful to be able to ask questions and get answers from the nursery knowing it’s not taking staff away from the children. They also do a newsletter each term letting parents know what coming up and regularly send emails with notices.
    Both my kids run to the door in the morning to go to nursery and our pre-schooler doesn’t always want to come home. That says it all I think.
    Keep up the good work MFN staff !!!

  28. My son Thomas has been at MFN since he was 18 months old. We live right next door to the nursery so it was a huge relief that he got a place as he had been on the list since he was 8 weeks old which proves popularity of the nursery. He settled in really well and had a lovely relationship with his first key worker who has so calm and always ready to give him cuddles. He has now moved up to Keen Investigators and is really enjoying it and developing each day and his key worker is so caring and understanding. Thomas has had a lot of ear infections which are now sorted but its so nice nice when he goes back as everyone asks how he is and said they missed him. My daughter is due to start in April and I have no concerns as I know it’s a very loving and caring environment. Thank you to all the staff for taking such good care of them.

  29. My daughter has been at MFN since she was 8 months old and my husband and I couldn’t be happier with the nursery care she has received. It really is like an extended family environment – All nursery staff (chef and caretaker too) are so welcoming every morning and it’s been a delight to see how easily she has settled in, developed and grown there. What always amazes me is the level of energy, enthusiasm and spirit the nursery team have at 8am and 6pm at the end of the day! We always here in detail about the activities the children have enjoyed during the day (the variety of which is great for their development) and any useful feedback for us as parents to take away. The nursery staff really get to know the children as individuals and have a lovely way of encouraging them to learn which I’ve noticed has been so effective with our little girl. Also the variety and quality of meals offered is fantastic – thanks Chef! The level of care received at MFN is exceptional in all regards and I would thoroughly recommend the nursery to any potential parents seeking childcare. A big thank you to everyone at MFN for ensuring the safety and happiness of our daughter as she grows into a busy toddler!

  30. My son has been attending My Favourite Nursery since he was 9 months old.
    As a first time Mother, it was so hard to think im going back to work and I have to take my son to Nursery, and my job takes my out of the country on a daily basis as i am a stewardess.
    Finding a Nursery that will care for my baby and look after him as I do was so daunting because to start with they are strangers to my baby an I.
    But im so grateful to have found my Favourite Nursery.
    As it is a great place for children to be and to develop their skills and to learn to share and my Son has learn so much since he has been there.
    His first key worker made me feel at ease about leaving my son and trust me it was more traumatic for me than for him. Lol
    His first day was fine as I was asked to stay there with him, and that was for 2 hrs.
    The second he stayed there for the morning session and he was more than fine.
    I felt reassured to see the Level of commitment the staff have.
    Then came the full day there for him.without me and it was horrendous for me but fantastic for him.
    The staff at My Favourite Nursery is so dedicated to the well being of all children.
    He is now 3yrs old and has transitioned brilliantly to the preschool room but always says hello to his ex keyworker in the previous room as we walk past it. That just shows that their is a really connection between the child and their keyworker.
    If you are lucky enough to secure a place for your bundle of joy there.
    I will say go ahead and do it because this Nursery has a family feel about it and your child will be well looked after.
    I will like to thank the entire Team for the genuine care and work

  31. Like all parents, I was anxious about sending my 1 yr old daughter to nursery when I returned to work but I didn’t need to worry – the nursery is a real gem & she loved it from day one. MFN has a warm, friendly, family feel and the staff genuinely care about the kids. Our daughter really bonded with her key worker in the Budding Discoverer room and we couldn’t ask for more in terms of the support, love & attention she receives. From being a crawling baby when she first started, our daughter is now a sociable, chatty, happy, child who is full of energy – her key worker has played a crucial part in this development & always has time at the end of the day to discuss her progress. The nursery does lots of varied activities with the children from trips to the park to putting on Christmas concerts and its clear my daughter enjoys going as she always has a smile on her face when she goes through the door and sometimes doesn’t want to leave! If you are lucky enough to get offered a place, you won’t regret it.

  32. My son started attending the nursery when he was 12 months old and we sadly had to leave at the end of October as we were moving out of East Dulwich. It was a sad day for us as he absolutely loved the nursery and he got very attached to his key workers. I always had the feeling that he received lots of love from everyone which is worth so much to every parent that has their child looked after for the whole day. He was often on someone’s lap or being cuddled when I picked him up and that’s such a nice thing to see. He often ran down the corridor when I dropped him off in the mornings, laughing in anticipation of his day and seeing his friends. I also felt that there was always a big effort made to cater for his individual needs rather than just strictly adhering to developmental rules. For example, he loves cars and during our parents reviews we got great suggestions on how to entertain him at home and encourage his development through playing. He speaks a lot about the staff at home still. All in all, we have the fondest memories of my favourite nursery! A big thank you again to everyone at the nursery, we miss you very much!

  33. Both of my girls have been full-time at MFN since they were 9 months old. My eldest daughter has been there since it opened. As a parent my main concern is for my children’s safety and happiness and I have complete confidence in the staff and my children love the nursery. The staff genuinely care about the children. There are varied and fun activities every day. There is lots of singing and action songs for small children which my daughter loved. I am amazed at how much they have learnt there. The children are treated as individuals and the staff take the time to get to know their character and preferences. I am delighted with my choice of nursery and would highly recommend MFN.

  34. Our daughter has been attending MFN since she was ten months old and has enjoyed it ever since. She’s now two and a half and comes home talking excitedly about the day’s activities, her carers and what she did with her friends. The support she gets from her key workers and all the staff is great – they take a really positive approach to her development. My husband and I are often amazed by the things she’s learnt – she recently started reciting the days of the week and since we haven’t taught them to her yet we know it’s the nursery doing an amazing job of engaging her and introducing her to new things!

  35. A massive thank you to all the staff at MFN. You all had truely given my daughter the best possible start, and me peace of mind, that she’s safe and loved… as a nursery nurse i know how hard it is taking care of so many children, but you all do it smiling day in day out.. K looks forward to attending nursery and for me it makes life so much easier going into work. Thank you all once again, keep up the good work..

  36. Our son was around 6 months old when we enrolled him at MFN as I returned to work. Nothing can prepare you for those first days of separation and the anxiety that they bring. The staff were very reassuring and the process of describing the profile and character of our child for the first time with the key workers was very constructive in this process. His development is an ongoing dialogue between the key workers, myself and my husband and I am amazed by the detail that the MFN staff retain about each child. The other day one key worker remarked that my son and his colleagues’ birthdays are only two weeks apart! You cannot put a price on this kind of commitment. MFN is a very special place and it is very clear that the team love what they do. I feel very lucky to have stumbled across them.

  37. Eva H has been at MFN since she was just shy of a year. MFN have been brilliant and I feel that they don’t just care Eva, they really know her inside out too. There are too many times to recall Eva’s keyworkers’ relaying stories of her behaviour / sayings / actions / favourite hobbies that make me feel so secure that they know her just like I do. It is a daunting prospect, leaving your child in the care of someone else, especially when you’re a first time mum and word of mouth really helps to alleviate the guilt / pressure of finding somewhere just right. So I hope to pass on my praises of all the keyworkers and in Eva’s case – her special two 🙂 I’d recommend MFN to anyone it’s fantastic.

  38. My son is nearly two and has been attending MFN since he was 10 months old. We are very happy with MFN and my son absolutely loves it and adores his key worker. The childcare professionals are dedicated to the personal development of the children and are friendly, caring and encouraging. The environment is spacious and colourful and all the staff get to know the children so it feels like a big family. I cannot recommend MFN enough, it’s a true gem!

  39. My favourite nursery is a wonderful place for young children, my son has been there for ten months and loves it there, he looks forward to going there every morning. Staff obviously love the kids and always take time to talk and say hello. The place has a great atmosphere and the kids are always doing something new, fun activities that relate to the world around them. My youngest son is just settling into the baby room and I couldn’t wish for a nicer environment for him. Is a comfort to know they are both being so well cared for.

  40. As a first time mother preparing to leave my son at nursery was nerve wracking and let alone finding a nursery.
    I visited a few and then i came upon my favourite nursery as i was walking on upland road on my way yo my friend’s house.
    i made an appointment to visit as u cannot visit just when you walking by that made me feel at ease because the entrance is very well controlled. upon visiting and seeing the place was clean, the staff was friendly and the children seemed happy to be there.
    on initiation day my son was 9 and half month old and he was fine. on the second day of initiation my son was fine (but i was crying because it was the first time i was leaving him for the full day). i will recommend this nursery to any parents who wants their precious little one to be looked after and cared for by genuine loving staff. the nursery is clean and fresh meals are cooked on the premises on daily basis ensuring that your children eat healthily and fresh just like at home everyday.first thing in the morning my son says creche which is nursery in french, he is eager to go there and have a fun filled day. he is learning new skills and is confident little chap.
    thank you to all the team for your great work.

  41. My son has been attending MFN since he was 11 months old and I cannot recommend them highly enough. He had a key-worker from 11m to almost 2years old before switching in to the older room and she was amazing and really loved him so much so I knew he was very well cared for. His current key-worker is beyond excellent and I love seeing them interact together and have seen my son come on in leaps and bounds. What I can really say about MFN is that it is truly a home away from home for my son and they really do care about him. They have worked with me on various issues such as tantrum management etc and the nursery alongside us as the parents have been a team and I really value that level of care from them. I could gush about MFN all day but all I can say is you will not regret sending your child to this nursery, I watch my son each morning squeal with delight when he sees the staff and his friends and he runs in happy, what more could I ask for!

  42. Both my children, two boys, attend MFN with the eldest attending since it opened. Since first seeing the nursery it stood out a mile from the others. It’s light and spacious and the staff obviously love the children and you can sense a really good vibe as you walk around the place. I would recommend this nursery to everyone! Great work MFN!!!

  43. Both my son and daughter attend My Favourite Nursery and they absolutely love it. My son has been there for almost three years and has made lots of good friends. He talks about the staff and his friends all the time and sometimes is so immersed into his play when I come to pick him up that he does not want to leave. He has learnt so much since he has been there and staff are very good at teaching them good manners. There is a friendly, warm environment and staff at nursery are always welcoming, smiley and caring. My daughter, who has been there since she was 9 months old, got attached immediately to her key worker, “R”. She absolutely adores her and runs towards her in the mornings when I drop her off. It makes me feel so happy knowing that she is in such good hands. “R” takes such good care of her and gives her lots of love and attention, which I really appreciate.
    I would have no hesitation recommending this nursery to anyone.

  44. My three-year-old son has been at MFN since my wife went back to work when he was ten months old. He took to the staff and the environment immediately, as did we. Everyone has always been incredibly helpful and friendly and the regular feedback about our son’s progress has been outstanding.

    Sadly, however, I don’t suppose I really thought about just how supportive the nursery’s staff were of my son until his mummy was tragically killed last year. Although I’ve since left work to care for him myself, I wanted to make sure that his progress didn’t slip and that he had happier times a couple of days a week than he might have otherwise had at home with me. The carers have been amazing – so supportive and so understanding of all of my natural concerns about a child who had already lost his mum by the time he was two. It’s been incredibly hard to deal with, but it would have been so much harder without everyone’s help at nursery at a time when my family and I needed it most.

  45. Our daughter has been with them since she joined at 10 months. She is now 2-and-a-half has blossomed during her time with the nursery, striking a really strong bond with her key workers. The staff are extremely warm and friendly, there always seems to be good and varying activities happening each day, and the food menu is fantastic.

  46. Both my sons attend my favourite nursery and I have to say all the staff are absolutely fantastic, caring, loving and doing an amazing job. What a relief to be able to go to work without having any concerns about your little ones…My eldest son is over 3 now and has been going since the opening of my favourite nursery. he absolutely loves it and talks about the staff so often after his day even at the week end…and my youngest has been going there since he was 4 months. They have both received so much care and love from the staff that i can not say enough what a great team this is. i can not recommend this nursery enough.

  47. Our very little girl has been attending MFN for 18 months now and we are absolutely delighted with our choice of nursery. The staff are really lovely, caring and friendly. There’s a lovely environment where it’s obvious that your child’s welfare, happiness and development are their main priorities. Our little girl enjoys every day spent there and has learnt lots of new skills. When I pick her up, she is always playing happily and has a big smile on her face. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending MFN to others.

  48. Our 19 month old boy has been at the nursery for several months and clearly loves it (and his key worker!). It is obvious that they know him very well and are tuned into his needs. We feel very comfortable leaving him in their care and it’s a pleasure to see him developing good habits and even making his first best friend.

  49. Finding a nursery for our daughter when I was returning to work was a major headache but I am so glad someone receommended MFN as we couldn’t be happier. Our little girl is now 18 months old and she LOVES the nursery and cannot wait to get there in the mornings. Her key worker is amazing and she has grown into a confident, funny and happy little thing who loves being around other people. There is a real family atmosphere at the nursery and the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. We are very, very happy here.

  50. MFN provides a caring and fun environment, and the staff are fantastic, great at getting to know each individual child, helping them to settle in and providing detailed feedback to parents. My daughter has attended the nursery since she was 9 months old and loves it there. She has become much more confident since starting at nursery and her development has come on in leaps in bounds. I have recommended the nursery to many people already!

  51. My husband and I are absolutely delighted in the way our 18 month old daughter has settled in at nursery since February. She has really bonded with the staff, who are loving and caring, and has flourished developmentally. We feel confident that she is in good hands whenever she’s there, which makes it easy for us to get on with our day.

  52. Jess has attended this nursery since January 2011 and absolutley adores MFN. The friendly attentive nature of not only the carers but all the support staff has been fantastic, to the extent that when we moved recently it was a contributing factor on where we moved to and how we would commute, so she could remain here.
    Jess’ development over the past 18 months has been excellent and would have no hesitation in recommending this nursery to others (and in fact have done so on numerous occassions already)!

  53. My daughter loves attending this nursery! I have noticed since she has been attending how advanced her speech has become. She is much more confident in approaching other children and her social skills have improved . MFN has a family feel to it and my daugther speaks fondly of the staff at home, especially her key worker and the other staff assigned to her room. It is always daunting leaving your child in someone elses care but I can honestly say that MFN has eliminated all my fears. I have a happy daughter which makes me a happy Mum and would recommend this nursery to everyone.

  54. My little boy, who’s nearly two, has been attending MFN for nearly a year now. I’ve been really impressed by the lovely warm atmosphere created by the staff and especially his key worker, “G”. He adores her and she has taken the time to really get to know his little quirks, what will comfort him, how to keep him interested and stimulated and what makes him laugh. She is a gem and a credit to the nursery.

  55. My Favourite Nursery is a lovely place to work. There is definitely a family feel to the environment and in my observations, all children are cherished, lovingly nurtured and encouraged to learn and grow in fun-filled ways. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else – its a joy to watch each of our little ones grow and flourish!

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