We plan and provide a wide range of fun and exciting learning opportunities to meet children’s individual interests and needs.  This is based initially on the information parents/carers provide about their child when they first register them at My Favourite Nursery, during the settling-in process and ongoing.

The daily routine of each room will depend on the age of the child. Each day is planned to include activities that are tailored specifically to maximise learning.

We observe and record what children do, and plan a range of activities to enable them to repeat and build on these skills and experiences while learning through their natural curiosity and first-hand experience. The learning opportunities take place both indoors and outdoors.

Our staff will exchange information (verbally) with a parent/carer on a daily basis – this is designed to inform each parent/carer of their child’s achievements and progress, along with any other information about their day including eating, sleep and nappy routines.  A communication book (written feedback) will also be sent home daily.

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