My Favourite Nursery is a Christian principle based Voluntary Day Nursery that embraces families from all denominations.

Our Nursery is open 49 weeks of the year and is accessible to all, regardless of job, location or address.  Children can join our Nursery from 0 months old, and can stay with us up until the term they are 5 years old (by legal requirement).  Our Admissions Policy is in line with anti-discriminatory practice, equal opportunities and is inclusive to all.  Our Nursery has wheelchair access and is situated on the ground floor of the building with double doors to the Nursery which allow easy access.

My Favourite Nursery can take a maximum of 54 children – 20 in the “Budding Discovers Room” (0-24mths), 9 in the “Little Explorers Room” (18-36mths), and 25 in the “Keen Investigators Room” (30mths-5yrs).

Consequently, we are restricted to these numbers under Government regulations, but will do all that is practicable to meet parents demands.  In addition we require each child to attend a minimum of three full days per week to deliver consistency for the child’s education and care.

Admissions Procedure

Firstly, as per the settling-in policy, we recommend that parents come for a visit, see the Nursery in action and meet the staff.  We kindly request that parents arrange for an appointment time so that the Nursery Manager can give each parent her undivided attention whilst they are shown around the building and to discuss any questions or concerns that parents may have.

If parents decide they would like their child to attend,  they will be asked to complete, sign and return the pre-registration application form along with payment of the non-refundable Registration Fee (£30) – a month in advance deposit is then required to secure a place.

When attending the first settling in session, parents are invited to stay and acquaint themselves with the building and how the day operates.  Parents are also asked to complete varying forms, so that we have accurate and up-to-date records of each child.  Our settling in sessions are a good opportunity for parents to chat informally with staff so they can get to know each other better, and build up a sense of trust and mutual respect.