Budding Discoverers Baby Room

Budding Discoverers: “A person who discovers new things”

Our “Budding Discovers Baby Room” is one of two rooms created for children aged between 0 – 2 years.  This room has been designed to be an extension of the home, with soft and comfortable furnishings to create a calm welcoming environment, helping to make the transition from home to nursery as smooth as possible.

Everything within the Budding Discoverers Baby Room is brightly coloured so its appealing to little eyes and little hands. We host a wide number of activities that encourage our children to discover and develop using sight, sound and texture. Children have access to musical shakers, push and pull toys, puzzles, shape sorters, touch and feel books, nursery rhymes CD’s and more.

Throughout the day we separate the children into small groups so staff can work closely in encouraging the children to crawl, walk and express themselves freely.

Parents are provided with a daily report of the child’s day. This report includes what, when, and how much each child has eaten, sleep times, bottle times, nappy changes and what achievements  and activities they have done. A member of staff is on hand to answer any questions and go through the daily report with the parents when they come to collect their child/children.