Our children have daily access to our private garden where they are able to play and learn in safety.

We have a fully secured swing set, slide and play house which remains accessible throughout garden time.  Numerous resources are kept within our brightly coloured garden shed, and taken out and set up afresh as per the planned activities for each day.  The numerous resources include items such as: hula hoops, skittles and bean bags (great for creating obstacle courses!), sand and water trays, tricycles, scooters, and balls of all colours, sizes and textures.

Through focused activity planning, and with emphasis on taking our ‘indoor’ learning ‘outdoor’, our garden time ensures that children are given the opportunity to make good progress in their physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social development.

All the children are encouraged to play outside – this mainly takes place in small groups according to age, however, at specific times of each day, all of our children will mix and play together as we believe this helps to develop the children further as they gain understanding of others and the younger ones around them.

Children love being outdoors and with this in mind, we ask that parents provide children with suitable clothing, such as sun hats (and sun lotion) in summer, and warm hats, gloves, suitable coats and wellies for winter.