Keen Investigators Pre-School Room

Keen Investigators: “A person that inquires and examines
in detail, in an attempt to learn the facts”

Our “Keen Investigators Pre-School Room” is created for children aged between 2 – 5 years.  This room has been carefully planned to offer a rich, exciting, interactive learning environment for our children to discover, explore and investigate, while learning through play.  The Keen Investigators Pre-School Room is bright, spacious and very inviting.

In this room the children’s day is a little more structured preparing them for Pre-School and Reception Class.  The children are separated into age groups of 2 – 3 years and 3 – 5 years, and are each allocated a key person.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  The activities range from cognitive, physical, emotional, to construction.  Children will be taught to work with numbers, letters of the alphabets and to explore the various sounds of each letter. We encourage the children to be creative in all of their learning both indoors and outdoors.

We carry out monthly topics with a daily structure of activities taking place alongside free play. We ensure that our children have the opportunity to explore toys that support all the areas of learning such as, construction toys, messy play and role-play.  The children are able to enjoy learning and also learn how to work together, helping each other, sharing, etc.

In carrying out our topics, we encourage our children to become more aware and explore their surroundings, inspiring them to ask questions and supporting them in finding the answers. We take the children to various places in the community to develop their knowledge as much as possible in the topics we teach.

All of our children are regularly observed and assessed.  We work together with parents to give the best childcare possible, building and meeting their individual records of achievement.  We hold parent review afternoons/evenings twice a year allowing each child’s individual records of achievement to be taken home for the parents to review and comment on of their child/children’s progress.

There is a variety of carefully thought out areas that are well resourced in order to attract early learners and promote all areas of their development.