Settling In

To help each child settle into Nursery, the staff will work with parents to build up a good parent partnership relationship. The staff will follow each child’s routine as much as possible, although sometimes the child will change their pattern, if for example lots of exciting activities are being carried out.

The first two settling-in sessions are free and run from 10am – 12pm, Monday to Friday. Both the Nursery staff and parents will work together to settle the child as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  • When a child starts to attend the setting, we use a variety of ways to provide his/her parents with information. These include written information, displays about activities within the setting, and individual meetings with parents (including Parents’ Review Evenings).
  • We allocate a key person to each child and his/her family before he/she starts to attend. The key person welcomes and looks after the child along with his/her parents throughout the settling-in process.

The settling-in period is usually carried out the week before they are due to start their normal hours of attendance but if you are still apprehensive after their first session, extra sessions can be booked (please visit the “Nursery Fees” page for session costs).

  • Younger children can take longer to settle in, as can children who have not previously spent time away from home. Children who have had a period of absence may also need their parent to be on hand to re-settle them.
  • We judge a child to be settled when they have formed a relationship with their key person. For example the child looks for the key person when he/she arrives, goes to them for comfort and seems to be pleased to be with them. The child is also familiar with where things are and is pleased to see other children and participate in activities.

If there are any problems or concerns during a child’s attendance at Nursery, the staff will ring the parents.  Parents are free to ring the Nursery at any time to see how their child is progressing. Even though our parents can call, they are given a record of how their child has been throughout the day, and are spoken to at the end of the day on a daily basis passing on information about the child’s day personally. This helps us provide the continuity of care and working in partnership with parents which is extremely important to us as a team.

Personal Care

Whilst at Nursery the staff will ensure a safe and secure environment for each child and maintain their personal hygiene care at all times.

Potty Training:
My Favourite Nursery will work in partnership with parents and will encourage potty training at Nursery.  There are potties available, which are cleaned after each use.  All toilets and sinks are at a child’s level.  (For further information, parents/carers may also refer to our Toilet Training Policy).